Monday, 27 February 2006

Green man Ghandi

A man I know is planning a great salt spirit uprising. I think the power of it will scatter the empty peanut butter jars all over the floorboards of his darkened cabin. There he goes, planting Ghandi seeds, towing thin tendrils of truth through the red dust of Australia, and all I see is a torrent of green Skippy Bear lids, bouncing violently over rough grains in the wood.
I remember the time he showed me his Green Man outift, a camouflage-flecked, nylon jumpsuit with limp, fabric leaves hanging off it. His whole body disappeared inside it, and it looked to me like he had been rolled in autumn undergrowth and deep fried.


kryce said...

do you remember crazy old Les from 100 mile? oh crazy Les, we miss you and your puppy dog eyes, your awesome wicked afro, and your longing for your forgotten life.

your new best friend said...

i love your blog - kudos and all that. i dig your imagery. good words...uh and stuff...
scotland sucks. u should move back. we could buy a farm in the backwaters of forest grove...start a berries, watch birds, worship tom godin...and stuff...or not.
love, mo

PurestGreen said...

Les! Sigh. Wherever he is, I hope no one is scaring him with a switch comb.
Once, when I worked in the info centre Les used our bathroom and we heard him repeatedly flushing the toilet. When he finally came out, his hair was slicked back. He gave us a wild-eyed nod and then he was gone, little bell still ringing for what seemed like forever after he'd closed the door.

norah said...

I remember Les too.
The first time I met him was in the hospital.
I was a candy striper.
I was terrified.
Slowly I grew less terrified.
Now I'm not scared at all.

Hey I am glad you have a blog.
It's very very very good to be in touch.

ps - i am v. into collectives. especially when they have manifestos.

norah said...

oh and i concure with kara-cakes.
scotland sucks.
so do the prairies.
only place worth living is BC.