Sunday, 9 April 2006

Spring notes

The lambs have arrived! We left winter behind in the Highlands, where the hills are still bruised with the rust of dormant heather and the rivers run cold like silver, snake tongue mercury through the purplebrowngrey fractures in the mountains. Heading home we travelled south and hit Glasgow. Suddenly there was green - bright and laid out on the land like carpet, punctuated by the bright yellow trumpets of daffodils.
The buds are starting to unfold. This is one of my favourite acts of nature. It was so clear today that we could see the uneven snow atop Ben Vorlich and Ben Stuc a'Chroin. Lambs! Compact, sturdy, yet so unsure, following their mothers and calling out sharp, plaintive cries.
We're eating lamb tonight. Andrew's request as a birthday dinner - roast lamb and roast potatoes. Chocolate cake with custard for dessert. How very British.


your new best friend said...

spring! i can't write u cuz i am writing things on paper for you...letter writing is stupid. i could just type u right now...but oh qwell...
i hope u enjoy your stupid letter i am sending..
stupid letter.

your new best friend said...

how come my comment doesn't show on the counter thingy?
stupid counter-thingy.