Sunday, 14 May 2006

Kitchen witch

Today I created the following:

Rhubarb muffins
chicken noodle soup
spinach, garlic and parsley soup (smashed smooth with my blender stick)
gluten free squash bread
Extremely yummy chocolate muffins

The squash bread was terrible - turned out like a giant orange paper weight. The chocolate muffins are the best but they are like a heart attack in a pleasant paper wrapper (Think 18 oz of bittersweet chocolate, combined with loads of butter, combined with loads of sugar). The spianch soup is very good with fresh parmesan cheese grated on top. Overall, today it was Afro Celt (#3) in the kitchen, followed by jazz in the kitchen. And damn I'm a good cook.


kryce said...

you said "blender stick"

PurestGreen said...

And you liked it.

kryce said...

look at me, i'm the orville redenbacher of zucchini!

PurestGreen said...

Err...Orville was the king of popcorn, or are my microwave memories incorrect?