Monday, 24 July 2006

"The all-dissolving thunderbolt below"

Re: The movie Libertine, viewed Sunday morning while the sun blazed relentlessly outside.


A Debt to Pleasure – Songs and Verses by John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester

I am sometimes so inspired by fierce, vile beauty. By those who would unabashedly suck the sauce from their fingers, eyes locked with another across a polished wooden table. By those who would stab at the main course, grunt, grin, and tear in with rampant, ravenous curiosity. Indeed, the artistic side of my nature is drawn by the eccentrically rude, the unapologetically lusty, the audaciously aroused.
I fall into wonder and I think - give me dark velvet devils, nymphs pouting million-dollar mouths, moving shadows with traces of pink, and broken untouchables steeping their wit in the humid froth of a crowded room.
Let me learn from the places where forgiveness is flushed and life is an incessant gasp, air moving past teeth that suddenly remember their own captivating sharpness and can’t help but smilesmilesmile.


your new best friend said...

mmmm johnny depp. colour me jealous...

your new best friend said...

how come we cant comment on your blog anymore?!

your new best friend said...

thanks for the phone call by the by. i will email soon i promise!!!

Marcheline said...

Love that movie, and am totally on board with the sentiment of this post. It's attitude more than looks, and the oddest people can be the sexiest just because of their audacity.