Monday, 3 July 2006

Too fast

What are the physical sensations of defeat? Heavy. Shoulders pulling down like baskets of imaginary firewood hang from them. A moist cloud that hovers in the back of the throat. Eyes that are open and staring, filmed with tears that do not flow. Lumbering between stone walls on the way back from the first new yoga class, I felt slow. I felt my face held a look of sad bewilderment, confusion and loss. It went so fast. Everything goes so fast. By the time I was there in the posture, sort of, with my blocks and strange questioning eyes and not breathing because I’d long since forgotten, the posture was over, and we were moving on. Is this a challenge? This feels like thin legs mocking me. Night coming. Also too fast.

1 comment:

your new best friend said...

my suggestion: find a new class. it's not for you. (or me) those super-fast yoga classes. ughy ugh ugh. if i were there i would do yoga with you. slow, stetching and it is supposed to be done.
this too shall pass.