Monday, 28 August 2006

The point she is trying to make

Three cheers for new digital cameras. Unfortunately, earlier in the day, the old batteries were dead and I was unable to capture a photo of the man wrapped in cling film and jumping about the Mile.
The festival grinds to an end, and two days after the Tattoo has finished, I have succumbed to a cold. It feels like someone wearing sandpaper skates has been spinning doughnuts at the back of my throat. It also feels strange be to home before 9 pm. The last month was terrible and hilarious and wild and exhausting, but I would do it again. And now every heat wave seems to have departed for other shores and each gust of wind is a plume of cold - the feel of autumn is everywhere. I am well into a book about the spice race - giant ships dashed against the coral reefs of distant islands, islands that they could smell before they sighted land. Such is the power of nutmeg. The shortening days and cooler air is causing me to instinctually load up on butternut squash and beets and corn. Baked apple season will start in just a few short weeks.
I've decided this harvest season's kitchen music will be Nick Drake. Time to turn the oven on.

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small fly on a big wall said...

Hooray for your new camera!Great pictures.