Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Edinburgh skyline - old town

You see where those buses are? That is Waverly Bridge. The small white building at the end of the bridge, almost right in the middle of the photo? That is the Lothian Buses office. They are on the corner of Waverly Bridge and Market Street. So if you walked along Waverly Bridge and turned left on Market Street, you could walk past the Dungeons and find my office. Except if I was at the other shop. In which case you'd have to ask for directions, because this photo isn't big enough. Now, you see that arch behind Waverly Bridge? That is South Bridge, which heads straight from Prince's Street to the Royal Mile and the Old Town. Hit the Royal Mile and turn left. Walk downhill. Keep looking to your left and you will eventually find Plasir du Chocolat. If you are going here, please remember to pick me up first.
If I am nowhere to be found, you can call me. I never thought it would happen, but within a couple of weeks I will be the owner of a mobile phone. Known in North America as a cell phone. But I shall call it by the German term and it shall be forever known as my "handy."
So call me. On my handy. Once I get it. And we'll go for chocolate. You have the directions.


norah said...

o dear god.
i wanna go to the chocolate pleasure palace!
handy or no handy!
chocolate pleasure,
je vous aime!!!!

Meester Man said...

I'd love to! Do they serve coffee? Good coffee?

PurestGreen said...

Yes, yes they do. But they are mostly a tea house. They have teas from all over the world. And of course they have a page of their menu dedicated to hot chocolate. I would recommend the concentrated hot liquid ganache that comes in a wee cup, about the size of an espresso. Jolt me buzz perfect beautiful. Yummy. Of the cakes, aim for the rasberry gateau, but make sure you can finish it or the people at the next table may heckle you. It happened to me. I blush with shame.