Thursday, 22 February 2007

Full moon

Full moon or half moon? What is the answer?

Looking out the window of the train on the way home, the universe gave me my answer. There, standing in a field surrounded by laughing friends, a schoolboy had his trousers down, white ass cheeks aimed at the commuters as we zoomed past.
Next week I'm sending off my application for Edinburgh's annual Moonwalk Marathon to raise money for breast cancer research. The power walking event takes place at night and women can sign up for the full or half moon. Well, I'm going for the whole ticket - that boy's ass was a sign. (Not like the sign in his photo - that is completely different. It's supposed to say "canal basin" but someone had other ideas). All being well (ie there are still places left) - I'll be walking 26.2 miles through Scotland's capital on 16th June. Training begins Sunday. I am really terrified but also excited about the challenge. I am hoping this helps me develop a more positive relationship with my body.
In other news, my trip to Norway next month is coming up fast. Finally finally I am going to Lofoten. My flights and train tickets are booked and now I just have to worry about hotels on the way. I fly out on the 15th, returning from Oslo to Glasgow on the 25th. After I return my blog will likely be filled with photos because I plan to be extremely trigger happy.
I'm good. Not feeling creative but I don't really care at the moment. I feel like I have a lot to look forward to. Adventures. I'm happy. So, yeah - that's it.

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