Sunday, 11 March 2007

Just a few of my favourite things

So cluttered lately, so here are some photos. Some sheep in a field and a grey day at Largs. I like taking photos of strangers.

Four more sleeps. I'm staying over in Oslo, then heading to Trondheim by train. I'll stay one night there and then catch another train early the next morning. Nine hours later I should arrive in Bodo, where I shall sleep yet again. Then it's the coastal steamer over the Stamsund. I think it will be a trip involving some serious on -the-road fasting, since Norway is bloody expensive. This doesn't really bother me, since none of my guide books are praising Norwegian cuisine.

When I return I will have to send the government more money, but hopefully by June I will be a permanent resident of the UK. Intense celebrations shall follow.

Have been out to see a couple of films - the Science of Sleep and also Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man. Which brings me to the list that I am compiling of things I love in and around Edinburgh.

1. The Scottish Storytelling Centre. Went to "Canadian Night" the other evening and heard Quebecois folk tales and songs, as well as stories of Scottish folk wandering over the Canada to work in the fur trade. Each time I go to hear stories I leave with such a feeling in my spirit. Something like vastness, lightness.
2. The Usher Hall. One of my favourite places to go to concerts. I always feel like I am on the inside of a painted Easter egg, and that the balcony seats should be filled with muppets.
3. Filmhouse. The home of interesting films. I love the cluttered atmosphere and the small cinemas. I love that there are hardly any teenagers there, and that most of the films have subtitles. I don't even mind that they don't sell popcorn, and that all they have for snacks is a machine, since the cafe the theatre runs sells fantastic chocolate cake.
4. The Edinburgh (and Glasgow) farmer's market. It is one of the places where you immediately get a sense of community, even in the middle of the city. I love that there is a man in a wee portable hut selling porridge. I can recommend white chocolate and hazelnut.
5. Maison Bleu. This is currently my favourite restaurant. It is full of shadows and there are always plenty of candles that have burned so long they have sculpted themselves into grotesque yet beautiful shapes. Combined with a great three-course pre-theatre menu, the slow curve of Victoria Street becomes like a magnet, drawing me back.
6. Plasir du Chocolat. The best chocolate cake I have ever had. They also do a memorable lemon tart.
7. Coda Music. My favourite folk music shop, where I first discovered the world music magazine Songlines, of which I am now an avid fan. Coda is small but the selection is fantastic, especially if I'm in a Celtic mood.
Seven is good enough. I won't write until the end of the month however I shall send postcards.
Big love,


Anonymous said...

those aren't strangers.
that's edna and marty bugleton.

Anonymous said...

Marty? those are two chippies. marty is a wicked awesome girl's name tho'.
Have a GOOOOD trip! I just sent you 2 postcards from our Cali trip...yes, i sent them friday...3 weeks after the trip...but nevermind!
Also, let me know when i can come visit you...i am planning tentatively for 2009.