Wednesday, 16 May 2007

What better way to celebrate than with a pretzel!

I am approved.
Indefinte. Leave. To. Remain.
Slapped in my passport - a £750 slice of paper. I looked at the photo and realized that one of my eyes seems to be droopy. I went to the mirror - couldn't spot any droop. Must have been that cold. Droopy eye cold.

Droopy eye or not, I am free to stay in the UK without hassle from now on. No more forms, no more shelling out loads of cash. Ahhhh...lean back....turn on Billie Holiday's Summertime...

I feel good. I feel good glorious green because it's the time of year to feel that way here. On the way home from the shop I crossed the street to sniff some lilacs. Flowers bold and sturdy - purple power with curves so deep they could hold rain, sweeten it before the wind steals it back to the sky. Perfumed ghosts to greet me again and again.

Ha! I say. Ha!
And Yeah, Baby! Yeah!

Oh and here's a photo I took a long time ago at the Edinburgh Farmers' Market, of two guys and a pretzel. Mmm..and a whole basket of good good pretzels. Yeah! Pretzel Baby! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

yes! thats super-dee-duper awesome!
i don't know what that means exactly tho? but your happiness is felt even here :)

PurestGreen said...

It means I can live in Britain for as long as I want. I had a two-year visa which has now expired, but I don't have to get any more visas or extensions to my stay here. I can just stay. I'm not a British Citizen though; if I am out of the country for more than two years they can take it away again. However at the moment it grants me a great deal of freedom and security. Joy!

Anonymous said...

oh, well! that is pretty damn sweet. today i found a travel special for $225 cdn for a one week stay in southern france...i was all like "how far is to so from there?" me + europe = totally gonna happen...two year plan baby!

PurestGreen said...

I shall see you in about five months me thinks - the plan is for a two-week visit. You coming to Europe is a Very Good Thing. Flights within Europe are very cheap. You can fly into Edinburgh or Glasgow and I'm not far. Or if I'm not poor I'll pop over to where you are. Yes. Very Good.