Friday, 29 June 2007

Who gets stresed over an unmowed lawn? Really?

I can't cut the lawn! It's growing everywhere! There is at least one weed that is well on its way to becoming a tree! There is a small sea of clovers! Our tiny patch of garden madness is buffeted by pristine, perfectly cut patches of lawns belonging to our neighbours. I feel like I should throw a rusted, burnt-out shell of a car in the middle of ours, just to finish the look. Sigh. It's been raining everyday for two weeks. Dark clouds are once again looming overhead, and it is expected to rain and thunder and lightening all weekend. I just about ran outside today with this little pair of shears that are basically big scissors. "I'll just trim the really tall stuff" I thought, but then I remembered watching my mother march herself to heat exhaustion through a huge field behind a clunky push mower. ("Doesn't it look nice?" she had asked dreamily after she was finished and was swaying softly from side to side, her face beaming from the power of a thousand burst capillaries). So I decided not to go down that path. Next I'll be scrubbing the pavement with a toothbrush. Breathe....

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