Wednesday, 11 July 2007

That mysterious tug

The travel bug is nibbling lightly at me again. I think it started by reading my journalism pal Paula B's joyful discovery of Hvar on Facebook. Even though her notes were short, I could feel the awe she was experiencing.
Since moving near Edinburgh I have wanted to be nowhere else. It is the place I feel at home. I stand high on Ramsay Lane and look over to the National Art Gallery and Prince's Street and am utterly relieved and always surprised at how happy it all makes me.
For some reason, since finding an urban environment where I feel comfortable and joyful, I have begun to crave the experience of other cities.
I am fascinated by the way a certain place can power a person's imagination and spirit. There are places that fill us with space and calm; there are places that light a match against our minds - a dangerous but welcome friction.
I am greedy for experience. If I could I would live for six months in several other places, just to absorb the culture and energy of the place.
Berlin sits high on my list. I have been there once before and remember it feeling like I was attached to a constant, pleasurable electrical current. I love the perfectly organized Ubahn maps, I love the museum of sexual art, which starts with ancient fertility carvings and climbs to the creak and stick of modern-day porn. I think of yellow buildings and gallery after gallery. There are some cities that are alive, born of the collective consciousness and bulging with being. Berlin is one.
New York. I have never been there but I yearn to dash through the streets of this creature city. Maybe I've seen too many movies. I don't care.
London. Every time I go there I'm a buzzbuzz with energy. Just six months - I'm sure it would be all I could take. With such a high percentage of non-European immigrants living in the London area, the world music scene is wild and prone to sweet sweet fusion.
Montreal. Again I have never been, but Montreal seems to have subtleties sown into it that make it seem older than it is, and I like that.
That's it at the moment - these are the cities I am craving. Not Paris, not even Prague, which I truly loved.
I am eager to know other people's experiences with place. The places that draw us, that pull us back, that sink into us. That we feel we have been before. The places we know we need to go - to find the things we need to learn or experience.

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Marcheline said...

Places that pull me: Scotland, Greece, New Zealand

And hey, I live on Long Island. Any time you want to come to NY and get a private "guided tour" of the Big Apple, (ie: just dive in and see what adventure takes us) come on over and we'll do it! My husband is a "city person" (knows where everything is), and he's a good solid lad to keep ladies safe when out and about in the cement jungle!