Sunday, 2 December 2007

Gorgie Girl to Ground Control

I have arrived. The move was done over two days and involved some wonderful help from some super people. I shall cook decadent desserts to give to these kind people.

I now live above a take away and just over from an Internet cafe, which is where I am at this moment. There are no shortage of takeaways or convenience stores here and I shall make use of the former tonight because I can't figure out how to use my cooker. I've never had a gas stove before. The main heater in the flat is also gas and I can't figure out how to work it either. Never mind.

Small tragedies include the death of my small CD player. The radio still works so tonight I'm planning on having an evening with the BBC. The flat also has so much...stuff. With my things in there as well, it looks cramped, but I have already decided to get rid of one more bit of furniture, which should improve things. All of the glasses (there are dozens of glasses - I could have a party right now to celebrate the release of the wine from its newspaper confines)and the rest of the dishes are mismatched, which I love. I made my first trip to the grocery store and bought a mix of items, both vital and frivolous. Tea, milk, sugar, bread, Malteasers, walnut cupcakes, and some orange/peach smoothie. The tea is the most important part. I have joined the ranks of most UK dwellers, who "would kill for a cup of tea." And yes, I heave a deep sigh of relief after that first sip. Mostly because, yet again, I was spared from having to brain some innocent stranger in a frenzy of tea desire. Just barely.

The bed. This will be my first night in the sky. It is so much higher than I had thought, but I do hope the experience causes interesting dreams. I've wedged a small board between the mattress and the frame in order to create a small wall between my slumbering body and the plummet of death. Wish me luck. Gosh I wish I could make some toast. But the toaster is part of the cooker thing, which I can't work. I really like toast.

I'm happy. The flat is such a vibrant, creative space, and I feel good there. The feeling I have reminds me of sense of joyful connection I had when I first moved into the cabin on Chimney Lake. Tonight I will hang two lanterns in the sky with me, and read Tom Robbins while sipping a cup of milky tea. What could be better?

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Anonymous said...

i want to visit. i am going to send pkg this week - may not arrive 'til '08. happy new home!