Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Let it be known that I am among the chosen ones!
My recent application to share in the five-pound chocolate bar won by my nephew Ashton was successful! Just today I arrived home to find that I had received THREE squares of the infamous bar of goodness.
"Due to the high shipping costs to Edinburgh we were only able to send a small portion," read part of the letter from the panel of judges. I believe this eludes to the possibility that my application was actually worth MORE than three squares.
I was cautioned to consume only one square at a time due to high calorie content. Of course, I ignored this advice. One does not acquire the name Sophia von RitterSportAlpenMilch following such guidance.
In other news, last night I saw the wonderful, glorious play that is Peter Shaffer's Equus. Prior to going into the theatre, fellow play-lover JP and I lingered on the sidewalk, watching the people wandering into the building. And WHO should walk by? WHO? Simon Callow, no less. I pinched John's arm and we gawked. Openly gawked at the great man, also known as "the guy who died in Four Weddings and a Funeral." He was fantastic as psychiatrist Martin Dysart. Magnificent. So was Alfie Allen, who played the passionate, horse-obsessed Alan Strang.
I loved the way the intensity built, I loved the way it pulled me into a different world, but also how it made this one somehow more...vivid. I just loved it.
Tonight it's another play, in which six characters search for an author. I am going to eat the last square of chocolate before I go. (Cue witchy cackle, complete with chocolate-smeared teeth).

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