Friday, 14 March 2008

One by one the guests arrive

Oh my. He's touring. He's actually touring. And more than that, HE'S PLAYING EDINBURGH CASTLE! Oh how the 16 of July has burned itself into my mind. Finally, not only is Leonard Cohen going to be performing in the city where I am living, but I actually know people who know people who can get me a ticket. I'm finally going to see Leonard Cohen in concert. I'm dumbfounded. I'm shocked. And I'm terribly, terribly excited.


norah said...

And he's 73!
That makes me feel old!

Purest Green said...

You just wait, lovely Norah. You'll be touring when you're 73. And loving it.

Anonymous said...

old and horny, that is!
mmm, i should join you. if i win the lotto, may i come too?!!!

Purest Green said...

absolutely! but you can't make fun of me for swooning over a pensioner. deal?