Thursday, 27 March 2008

Options for perspective

I love images like this - stairs behind stairs, the guesswork of doorways and angles. Move a foot and the world can change for you. Step up, look down, study the skyline as if for the first time.

A good day today. My whopping giant vat of root veggie and lentil stew brought in £30 for my fundraising. Thank goodness my work colleagues have good appetites. I'm glad it worked out because it took forever to make. I can still see myself standing there in the kitchen, peeling and chopping potatoes and carrots for what seemed like forever. Then watching my largest pot so carefully, as it was filled to the brim and constantly in danger of overflowing. But it turned out to be a great recipe, which incidentally I borrowed from the bbc good food web site:

In other news, the glorious, beautiful creature who is Nifer will be here in just 11 sleeps. She'll be here for almost three weeks. Adventures and some cheeky debauchery will no doubt occur. I shall take her to the farmers market and show her the cheeses and the german bakery stall. And I shall buy for her a special wee tub of cranachan porridge. Unless she wants the white chocolate and toasted hazelnut, which is entirely understandable.
I'm starting to experience long moments of staring off into space, so that means it's time for bed. Yawn.

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Anonymous said...

That pic reminds me of Hogwarts, how the stairs magically swiveled and changed all day long.
I am super-jealous of nifer! i expect lots of pics, please - pics of said farmers market, pics of chocloate eating, drunken debauchery - you get it.