Saturday, 26 April 2008

Taking it easy

Happy Birthday to my beautiful cousin Jenn. I shall always be older than you. Take comfort in this and try not to sense my growing resentment.
This morning at 4 a.m. I made Nif load herself down with all of her bags so I could take a photo. In total, she had her big back pack, another medium-sized one and two smaller (but well-packed) bags. Also, a cardboard tube containing a poster and a blow-up travelling pillow. For the few seconds that I made her stand there, she looked to be in agony. The girl certainly knows how to shop.

After returning from the airport, I was faced with my first day on my own. Nif's visit went so fast. We live and travel so well together that time just flows and then it is gone. I was happy to be able to introduce her to wonderful things like the opera and London and Gu chocolate puddings. She also discovered a local supermarket that I hadn't visited, which just happens to sell a lot of food from Germany, particularly chocolate that I remember as a child. Thus, nature balances herself.

I'm feeling a little lost now, as I approach my birthday. I must note a wee thank you here for the presents which have been making their way to me, including the beautiful duck plate from Clive and Patricia (very cool), the homemade "life and death" pot holder from Moe (also very cool) and the as-of-yet unopened gifts from Craig (I can't cheat because the wrapping has been cursed, which really sucks).
Today I saw and heard the drummers in the square near the national gallery - part of the lead up to the big Beltane celebration on 30 April/1 May. For years I had wanted to attend this event, and last year I finally did, and it was utterly disappointing. All crowds and no magic, not for me anyway. I continue to feel as if I am missing something each time my birthday rolls around. It is a significant day in the earth-lovers calendar, and I feel I should be honouring it better than I do. Take time. Resent my rhythm to the spring.

The next couple of months are going to be extremely busy for me. I am starting a Web site design course through the Open University in the next week. Also I need to up my training for my power-walk marathon in June, and I'm still running the soup kitchen once a week at work.

No matter. Today I am taking it easy. Tomorrow I shall cook, and hopefully commence telling the tales of Nif's visit.

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