Monday, 12 May 2008

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Off to Glasgow tonight to see Iron and Wine. I'm almost too hectic in my brain to really feel excited, but that just means the experience will be like a surprise when Sam Beam wanders on stage. Such is the majesty of this man's songwriting.
Managed a 14-mile walk on Saturday. Barely. It took me more than five hours, during which time I experienced stomach cramps, swollen hands, two blisters and a face that felt like a nuclear tomato.
Tomorrow night more training - 6 fast miles. I've decided to cancel the soup kitchen for two weeks, so I can get in more studying. My damn eye twitch is getting worse, which is my body's way of telling me I'm stressed out. All my best plans tend to get put aside, or twisted, or delayed. But I'm slow - that's me. Built for comfort, honey, not built for speed.
I am thankful for John in my life. He tells me I can do it, and he's so damn convincing, I believe him.

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