Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Cafe Craig, Macbeth, and lovin' the manboy

Craig will be here soon! My dear friend will be flying over from Norway and bringing with him some lovely brown cheese and NO Redhouse Painters. While he is here we will visit cafes and perhaps see a show or two. Hopefully we will get to go out to a beautiful area called The Hermitage. Worth a visit for the name alone, me thinks. Here are two photos to celebrate his imminent arrival. (Jenners!?)

In other news, JP and I went to see Macbeth at the Lyceum last night. The Lyceum is quickly becoming my favourite theatre in town. Their Christmas season features none other than the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Other season highlights include Something Wicked this Way Comes and the Mystery of Irma Vep. Coolness.

My favourite character in Macbeth was the sly, sexy Lady Macbeth, played by Allison McKenzie. The language just seemed to flow from her mouth and her intense neurosis was so believable that all I could do was stare at her. Liam Brennan played Macbeth. There was something about the performance that just didn't work for me. Like he was trying too hard to the Shakespearean script.

Of course I loved the witches. I loved their long ragged clothes and the way they hissed and surrounded the newly dead, taking the spirits off to the underworld. I also loved the final scene between Macbeth and Macduff (Christopher Brand), as Macduff crosses two swords behind Macbeth's head and makes to cut it off with a double slice. Sweet.

Next week JP is taking me to see Noises Off in Glasgow. I don't know anything about it yet, but I shall trust the young man to make a good theatre choice. We are both pleased that so far this year we have managed spend more of our nights out at live theatre productions than at the cinema.

JP is also turning 27 on Monday. I'm excited because he'll be one step closer to 30 - hurray! I shall bake him a cake on Sunday night. Chocolate. We are so happy. I've never laughed so hard as when he is being his charming, mad self. We are becoming one of those couples who is very much in a little world unto themselves. We call it The Bubble. We like The Bubble, for The Bubble is where many adventures and follies take place. But that's enough of my goofy love talk for now.

Listening to: Dig, Lazarus, Dig by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and

I'm Gone - Seasick Steve (going to the concert 25 October!)

ps- Hi, Moe! It was so great to talk to you. xx

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