Wednesday, 24 September 2008

How creatives measure and other adventures

Craig: "How big is your frying pan?"
Me: "I don't know."
Craig: "Could you sit in it?"
Me: "Um, no."
Craig: "Could a cat curl up in it?"
Me: "Yes."
Craig: "OK."

The exciting news of the day is that things are changing at work, at least for several months, which means I'll be learning new things and taking on more responsibility. And I'll get a raise, which is swell.
And in other news, JP loved his birthday presents, even though his vintage top hat didn't fit. We also went to see Tropic Thunder, which made me laugh several times.

The last few times he's been over we've spent some time playing video games. Now, I don't like most video games. But I like these ones, because they are slow and boring and you have to use your brain. The crux of the games is that you are a character and you have to solve a problem or a crime, so you go around and talk to people and collect stuff and then use the stuff to get other stuff and eventually you get to where you need to go. It takes days and days. But I like it because we can play it together and I can make strange demands on him as he steers us around the screen (I'm not very good at steering - I walk into walls alot). I can say things like "take the towel when the guy lifts his arm" and "try and buzz that goat." It's good fun. We laugh a lot.
JP has started a psychology course. He is only the first chapter in and already he is tossing around language like schadenfreude.

My mind is dancing around and I can't hold my thoughts in a straight line. So I'll go.


Anonymous said...

yay! videogames! they are so fun, and i agree: i cannot steer cyberpeople around at all. plus, i get very dizzy when i play moving games, a la "mariokart", doom, etc.
Now, if we can get you two hooked on board games when u come visit...

Purest Green said...

Somehow I doubt about getting hooked on board games, but you never know. I'm sure the kind folks at Fascination Street would be able to advise us on a most excellent, entertaining game...

norah said...

schadenfreude is an EXCELLENT word to toss around.

and if you haven't tried playing Settlers of Catan you have not lived fully.

i LOVE it and i used to seriously dislike board games.