Thursday, 30 October 2008

Notes on a Thursday night

Hello all. I am busy busy trying to sort myself out for my podcast presentation next week. I don't quite know what is expected of me. I know I have 20 minutes and will need to make the most of it.

Today I bought a book of German short stories, in the form of "parallel text," with German on the left and English on the right. I hope this will help me to improve my German, which I've been wanting to do for some time.

I'm kind of all business minded at the moment. I even bought a book on creating business plans. It's strange because my brother was always "Mr. business," and while he still is, I am finding that my creative nature can work well within this realm known as marketing and such.

I can't think of much else. I spoke to my brother last night for the first time in ages and I am worried about him because he is very stressed and he also has bad knees. It's not good to have bad knees when you are only 35. I told him to eat salmon and do light stretching, because I don't know what one does to make bad knees feel better. Would anyone like to buy a fish and chip restaurant?

JP and I went to see Mary Rose the other night. It was just okay. The acting was wonderful and the set was lovely, but there was something about the story itself that just didn't lend itself to adaptation. It just seemed there were too many things shoved into the story for no reason.

Finally, the soundtrack for The English Patient is really excellent.
That's all my news.

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