Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Back from Stratford-upon-Avon.

Oh, how Shakespeare doth rock the sheen on my nebulous existance. Bloody marvellous.

More tomorrow.


Jacqui L said...

What a fantastic building!! Are you allowed inside? If you're ever in Durham go to the Market place and head up Saddler St towards the Cathedral. Walk towards the Cathedral on the right hand side of Saddler St and look out for an alleyway near Waterstones with a board outside advertising Vennels Cafe. Walk up this alleway and keep your eyes peeled to the right for a door (if the shop is still there, I hope it is) that I think takes you up to a hippy style clothes shop (I think, it's been quite a while since I visited). However, shop at the top aside, the steps to get there are on a slant because the building slopes - I love quirky buildings. While you're in the alley area (it's all very traditional, littered with the middle classes and not in the least bit dodgy!), seek out Vennels cafe - it's fab! If it's busy downstairs, or in the courtyard then there is more seating upstairs. They have a great selection of cakes and I'm told that it is the best for Banoffee pie but I'm not a fan of Banoffee pie so I can't personally comment.

Jacqui L said...

I meant to say, I love your photo of the tree, it makes me think of the 'Green Man' and tales of forest spirits. I'd love to live near a wood, they inspire me and make me feel glad to be alive.

C.S. Perry said...

Beware the horrible residents of the "Slanty Shanty."