Friday, 21 November 2008

The sky this morning

This weekend we are forecast to have an "arctic cold snap," which means it will be around 3 degrees. In contrast, my love is safely arrived in Dubai (where he is visiting his parents).

He and two of his brothers now stand like ivory Scottish beacons in the Arab desert. He would have seen the massive fireworks that were even reported in the Metro newspaper this morning. And the Metro never reports anything of interest.

I am feeling listless and a bit sad. Withdrawn, I suppose. Thoughtful, but not necessarily creative. My Mondays and Tuesday are usually JP time. It is built into the rhythm of my week, and with the rhythm disturbed, I don't feel myself.

I have regressed to drinking warm milk with honey. It is even more soothing that I remember. This after basically spending the entire evening willing myself not to go out to the corner store to buy chocolate. If I had bread I would be gulping it down, slathered with lemon curd. But skimmed milk with honey it is. According to my scale I have lost one pound. Only 49 more to go...

There were so many things I was going to write about. The fox I saw on the walk home from work. Today's visit from the fire brigade after we could not place the growing burning scent that was lingering in the shop (dust in the ventilation - the heating system has been turned way down and all has been pronounced well). Entertaining tales of my social anxieties. The building of the Christmas market and the lights going up around the city. The way show's producer calls me "Miss Pod" or just "Podcast" whenever we pass in the hall, which makes me surprisingly happy.

But mostly I miss my honey.


Julia Guthrie said...

Hello from Cornwall!
I just discovered your blog (from The Hermitage) & I see you have beautiful pictures of doorways & fields, so I must bookmark you!:)


Jacqui L said...

I loved the bit about the Metro and the fire brigade and what a photo! When you have more time and you're in the mood, I'd love to read about the fox that you saw on the way to work. I grew up in the country and would occasionally see foxes from a distance, but I will never forget the night in London when walking to my friends flat that I stood inches from one. The fox was bedside the bins when it heard us and turned. I had also noticed the fox and we locked eyes before it scampered away - it was magic!

C.S. Perry said...

"Ivory Scottish Beacons in the Arab Desert."

Powerful stuff.

Less milk...more honey.