Monday, 1 December 2008

Mouse alert!

I have a mouse in my flat. I just saw him/her scamper out from between the cupboard and the fridge. Dammit, dammit, dammit! Where is the manboy when I need him?


Anonymous said...

a year and a half ago chris was sure he spotted a mouse out of the corner of his eye while watching tv. we spent 2 hours peering behind every box or bag in our cramped basement storage room. over the next week he'd look in different corners of the house, but the mouse was never seen again...until this january when he pulled the fridge out to clean behind it & found a dried up little mouse carcass. what did he die from? leftovers from my cooking? child/noise fright? no food to be found on the floors of my spotless house (lol)???

Jacqui said...

Did you get one of those humane traps you mentioned?

Purest Green said...

No sign of the mouse tonight, although every sound I hear I think I will see it creep out. And last night I had bad dreams that the mouse was leaping onto my bed and crawling around on top of my blankets. The only traps I have are evil, killing traps. But I've tried these before and they don't work. These are highly intelligent, urban mice. I also have one of those electric things that emits a high frequency to scare them away. A lot of good that seems to be doing.
Fingers crossed it has moved into another flat.