Thursday, 8 January 2009

Random photos, random quotes

Today I found a quote book from two summers ago. Human beings - such low expectations, so much entertainment value.

"In every movie I've ever seen there is a rattlesnake in the mailbox." DW

"There's a guy on Forrest Road who thinks he's a monkey." Geoff the courier guy

"You should have seen me - I had a huge crotch." PF

"I do like Australians, I just don't like it when they destroy all the illusions I have about their country." JY

"I do like a bit of brown tape." JY

"You keep coming back. Like a nasty itch." PF

"That's not right. You can't just throw shrimp on the barbie."JY

"You can't make fun of me for liking Bingo. At least I'm out of the house." JY

"It's probably just a dead wasp. You know how dead wasps get into everything." PF

"Butterscotch flavour Angel Delight is one of the world's great inventions." DW

"You....are...ticket?" Chinese tourist.

"I want to be at the level where I can be bothered standing up." JM

And the number one quote from the summer of 2007:

German tourist: "You have a place for peeing?"


Jacqui said...

The Chinese one does it for me :-)

Anonymous said...

i think the australian comment is so funny. god love the quote-girl for recording it. i have new blog address

Anonymous said...

Big 'gina & the tiny 'ginas