Thursday, 15 January 2009

Scottish skies


Small Boat Sails into Big Mystery said...

how ofen we take clouds for granted. If on any day you could freeze the cloudscape in the sky above you and then carve hiking trails through it... it would surpass any of the seven natural wonders of the world... anyhow thanks for the great photos, and thanks for your interest in my book. Chapter two is now available for reading.

Jacqui said...

Oh wow! I especially love the second one, it's so dramatic.

Did you see the sky yesterday afternoon at around about 4:15pm - oh to have had my camera with me. It was that wonderful combination of pinks, oranges, greys and purples that I love; needless to say I'd never risk taking my camera to work with me - I'm afraid that I am in the trust naebody brigade (apart from close mates and family that is!)

Dale said...

Oh, what wonderful cloudscapes!