Sunday, 1 February 2009

Notes, and portraits of the creative mind

I think I have figured it out. Somewhat. At least a small piece. I am someone who, until recently, moved job and house nearly every year. I have now been in one job, in one place for more than three years. I am restless. I crave adventure. So, I have made lists of various things happening around town over the next month, from weekly astronomy talks at the Royal Observatory, to curator talks at the National Museum, and, as part of the Lost World reading challenge and on the eve of Charles Darwin's bicentenary: zoologist and broadcaster Professor Aubrey Manning considers two questions: do humans have instincts? And do animals have intellects?

It's like Brian says. I feel I am about to expire. Best get a move on.

I have also done something I swore I would not. However, such is my undying dedication to Stephen Fry that I have joined...Twitter. You can find me under, what else, PurestGreen. By the way, can you guess the origins of PurestGreen? I assume you have watched the second series of Blackadder? I shall leave it at that. Except to ask, "BALDRIC! HAVE YOU BEEN EATING DUNG AGAIN?" Do you find PurestGreen suits me better than my original name of Poached in Bourbon?

I am pissed off that Rooked is not (yet? I don't entirely get how it works) among the semi-finalists in the Blog4Reel. I have read some of the semi-finalist blogs. Most are crap. I can say this because I am a bitch. Really though. I swear C.S. could spin a tale about pavement tiles and lost shoes that is more juicy that most of what I read on 4Reel. And his blog would make a very bizarre, entertaining bit of cinema. Werewolves! Showdowns! Gun slingers! Feverish calamity on the Vegas strip! I don't ask much. I just want the writers I like to get more attention and win big prizes.

Here are my portraits of the creative mind. Please, someone do something crazy on my behalf. At the moment I am living vicariously through ALLiSON and her tales of "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas."


C.S. Perry said...

There's nothing wrong with standing still. That's how I was able to become the Fine Southern Gentleman I am today. But we all get antsy at times. Just drink more. It seems to help me. Well...maybe help isn't the right word. But then, I've never been good with words.

And I am a Semifinalist. The FINAL VOTING started Sunday and will end on the 21st. So GO VOTE!

Admiral Awesome said...

You're living abroad?

Yore living: a b road!

All kidding aside, don't you think that it would be more PC to call that program Blacksnake?

"Adder" is so species racial.

B.G. said...

hmmm...i am sure i posted a comment here earlier today, but it is not here so maybe i am not here- ah existential dread