Friday, 6 March 2009

Friday. Here I sit.

An older photo, but still mostly the same. Except now there is a basil plant on the little shelf and no CD player because that one broke. And the candle holder on the wall has been replaced by a framed collection of tiny Korean masks and the CDs have been replaced by strange items I found at charity shops or brought home from work. Like my decanter in the shape of a pointy shoe, or my slightly erotic Australian sticks.

The clutter is different, but the same. It is the way of things around here.

Can you tell I can't write? Well I can't. Not tonight.
It happens.


Anonymous said...

The flat looks fabulous - such sensual colours. Love the new 'main' picture, great shot. Where were you standing to get it?

Jacqui L

Small Boat Sails into Big Mystery said...

Hi Green, don't know how much this means to you but I am passing an award on to you that was given to me by my wife. You can see the award on mu general blog (generallyjim) To receive it you are supposed to create a post in which you list seven things you like, then list seven blogs you like with links so your readers can check them out, and pass the award onto these seven bloggers.

Got it? (also you can copy the award logo from my blog, or Claire's and paste it onto yours.)


Anonymous said...

if you can't write, then perhaps you can left.

Dave King said...

It does indeed happen, though I could not tell it from this post. Lucid and interesting. It is amazing to me to find how interested I always am in writers'places. Thanks for sharing yours.