Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Sacrifies to the love handle gods

As promised, portraits of the forces of gluttony. This morning I awoke with what can only be described as a sugar hangover.

Below we have a selection of the most delectable wee cakes, followed by plum crumble, raspberry cheesecake, strawberry panna cottta, tropical fruit tart, banoffee pie, and the now infamous, deadly chocolate betty. There were more besides, and there were only eight of us. Shocking.


Anonymous said...

i am gazing at all this divinity whilst eating an avocado, sprout, cream cheese, tomato & cuke samich. it is my fave samich. however, i find it oddly lacking today...i wonder why...drool

Janelle said...

oh bliss. bliss. which one did you eat? or hopefully ALL? DELIGHTED you finally bloody commented. i have found you...funny funny you. yeah. that bull is a reeeeeeealllly brutishly big... XX j

Janelle said...

oh oh oh! this blog is just The Best Thing Ever!!! been guffawing and spluttering pinotage all over my key board...WONDERFUL STUFF!!!! XXX j

Sophia said...

lovely Moe: That samich sounds great - can I have one? I made my "chocolate mousse" with avocado. Everyone likes it until you tell them what is in it. Sigh.

Janelle: Thanks for visiting! Spluttering pinotage shall be my phrase for all of tomorrow.

Dale said...

:-) yum.

Nanna Grace said...

Hmm, well they say a bit of the "hair of the dog" cures a hangover, bet a piece of that raspberry cheese cake would work just fine!! i know it would for me ;) ( ok now i need to mop-up my key board up from all the drool on it)

Anonymous said...

And I was doing bloody maths!! These look sooooooo yummy - please have the next one after June 1st

Anonymous said...

PS: In case the maths didn't give it away, anonymous is JL :-)

Ruth said...

Oh dear.

Oh dear.

Oh dear.

The raspberries, and the crumbly crumble. Ohh I am such a sucker for fruity pastry things.


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