Saturday, 4 April 2009

Take the weekend off. I'm going to.

A stack of “for dummies” books is on the table. Another massive “9 books in one” volume is on my bed. Podcasting, email marketing, business plans, Web site development, social networks - these are the topics that have overshadowed my thoughts over the last couple of months, culminating in an idea that both fascinates and intimidates me.

I want to build a Web site. I know I want it to be an altar to language and the senses that is part playground, part sensualist trip advisor. But I don’ know what form I want the site to take in the end, what to call it, or how to begin to build it.

What I am starting sometime this month is a new blog. Probably on Wordpress so I can test out their platform. I am pretty sure it will be called Scotland for the Senses. I am also pretty sure that I will be dedicating an entire month this summer to the pert and coyly tart Scottish raspberry.

I will continue to use this blog for my aimless ramblings. I just need to start something with some structure, which I can build on as I work towards learning the strange languages of html and css. I wish I could afford to buy some software like photoshop, but that will have to come in time.

But this weekend will not include plans for new blogs and Web sites, because I have a dessert party to prepare for. I need to clean the flat, buy a new shower curtain, plan recipes, buy ingredients, make stuff, and choose a song list (leaving out most of my “regular” tunes and picking those that other people may actually want to hear). Tuesday evening is the time. My flat is the place. Bring a dessert and containers for leftovers.

Before I share a few of the things that I have been enjoying beyond measure, we will break for this important message:

-While I am generally not a fan of organized religion, I truly appreciate Paula’s House of Toast. This woman is such an insightful and genuine writer. You can feel her emotions through her words, which is rare.

-The above is just one of many incredible blogs I have landed on thanks to mole. If you are feeling listless and sad, there is such wisdom in Dale's writing(especially his poetry) which will help bring you a sense of perspective.

-I am LOVING Kundry’s first video post and hope she does more in the future. Look for the way her hair floats into the tree, and also the mesmorising bubble and Loki’s precious madness.

-I burn with jealousy for What’s for Lunch, Honey? I love the strong images and how she has managed to do so much with a simple blogger platform. I plan to make the strawberry panna cotta for my dessert party.

-Ah, Bête de Jour, I adore you. You are here for all our malt extract and hate fuelled violent fantasy needs.

-Maggie May's photos of Mr. President throwing a snowball. Can't help myself. Swoon.

-Are there any Web designers out there who want to give the wonderful Scarlett Lion a hand with fixing up her site?

-Oumou Sangare's new album, Seya, is her best one yet. There is a new warmth and peace, different to her earlier work in which you can hear the fight in her voice. The woman known as Mali’s songbird is only 40 but she is already as wise as a crone. I admire her so.

What are some of your favourite things? Because I want to know.

On the family front, send sweet thoughts to my grandmother, who is scheduled for hip surgery later this month. Her lungs are not strong enough for her to go under general anaesthetic, which means a localized spinal one. She is scared. I know she doesn’t like the idea of being conscious while they operate; who would?

But she has another consultation before then, so hopefully the doctor will be able to offer her some peace of mind. She has been in such pain and discomfort for so long now, bone grinding on bone in her right hip. She has waited a couple of years on the list, trying to get this operation. What freedom this could give her again.

Happy weekend. You’re lovely. Give yourself a squeeze and something sweet and lemony.


John said...

Hey you shuda told me, I could steal you photoshop!
Anyway I can't sleep, so I'll read some of your blog recomendations.

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks for the free weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing your Scotland for the Senses blog.

So enjoyed your roundup of appreciations, and the fact that you are a "wielder of tartan." Excellent vocation!

I'll be sure to post a pic of Peregrine Espresso, my favorite coffee place, in the next day or two.

Glad you to you are out there, wielding tartan. Bravo!

Cheryl said...

The new web site sounds sounds like an exciting project. So does a dessert party.

Checked out the photos of the president throwing a snowball. Ditto swoon...