Thursday, 16 April 2009

We'll save the hot pokers for another day

I really wanted to write about the screaming that surrounds my office, but I can't. The wails of torture and the incessant barking of a mechanical dog are drowning out my attempts to relay this tale of weirdness with the correct freak show flare.

Instead, today's bout of show and tell consists of this photo of a doggy with a ball:

And the quotes of the week:

"It's so hard to work when the weather is outside." JY

"We started rolling joints and drinking in the labyrinth. It was a weird dream." JY

"We think it's some kind of magic thing because we don't know how it got there and it's growing far too fast." pregnant lady

"All the drunks think I'm from Boston." Tourist lady
(*I REALLY want someone to turn this line into a country and western song. Complete with a burst of yodelling. Please.)

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