Sunday, 12 April 2009

What was I thinking?

Fresh out of the bath. Fingers are really wrinkled. It feels like my fingertips have been replaced by teabags. Teabags with lung disease and bloated livers. Yet clean!

All day working on this stupid new blog, trying to get the thing to work with a wordpress template. Finally got one thing to upload and am now met with an error message that I cannot seem to fix, no matter how much googling I do.

But the site is mine for the next two years so I'm damn well going to try my best. Because that's what I do - I spring brilliant ideas on myself and then proceed to trap myself into awkward situations in order to "see it through." Granted, this has only ever worked once - last year when I walked the marathon.

What I hate is how wordpress rails on about how easy it is to use their templates with a server. They even put the word easy in bold, which means they are passive bitch snobs, insinuating that if you should find building your site anything but easy, then you know nothing, and should eat with the pigs who can't even type.

I'm trying to cheer myself up by telling myself that in a year I will know a lot more about all of this than I know at the moment. But it's not really working. So I'm going to watch the eyebrow lady make everyone cry again, then I'm going to bed to wait for the manboy, who will be here in the morning. I haven't seen him in 2 weeks, and I need me some lovin'.

I need a hug.


Dale said...

Hey, I know nothing about wordpress, but do you know Dave Bonta, of Via Negativa? ( He's like the nicest person on the planet, and I think he's a wordpress guru. Or used to be, anyway. I'd ask him for help. If he doesn't know, he probably knows who does.

Dale said...

(And hugs)

PurestGreen said...

Thanks for the tip Dale. I have made some progress today but still can't the photos to show up properly. I have ordered Wordpress for Dummies, however I shall check out your friend's site in case I cannot get unstuck.

And thanks for the hug:)

La BĂȘte said...

You're funny. Well done on the marathon. I'm going to do that one day, or my name's not Stan Cattermole!