Sunday, 31 May 2009

The many moods of a Jackdaw

Uninterested Itchy


Rikkij said...

all these moods must have come quickly. bird is always at same place. wonder why it's called Jackdaw? ~rick

Marcheline said...

Holy crap - that thing has a firehose of a neck, doesn't it? Where does it hide all that neck when it's sitting upright? Think there's a little compartment between the wings?

Anonymous said...

I love this, wonderfully funny.

LP said...


that is classic!

my favourite antique shop here in toronto was called jackdaw. they sold little figurines of the birds but i had never seen a real one till now.

and your hat is divine darling!

Tammie Lee said...

Oh my goodness, such a fun and fantastic series of photos! Your perceptions of the moods makes me chuckle.

Dale said...

:-) Corvids are the best.