Saturday, 9 May 2009

Mother's Day weekend

Mother's Day falls in March in Britain, so I am always behind and confused when the date rolls around in Canada. My mother will likely spend the day as she does any other, working in the greenhouse and otherwise puttering madly around the property.

This is my favourite photo of my mom, taken when my parents visited me in Scotland in 2006. She is standing in what used to be the moat of Inverlochy Castle, near Fort William. It is late afternoon, the sun is shining beautifully through the leaves, and she is doing a bellydance shimy.
Wonderful things began to happen to my mom around the time she turned 50. She just became more alive, more curious, more passionate about the things that make her happy. For several years she took bellydance lessons, then threw herself completely into her favourite hobby - gardening. She is now the manager of her local farmer's market, and has not one but two greenhouses. Once I watched her digging in the rockbed during a thunder storm, hail pelting down on her as she tried to do just one more row.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and women who dedicate themselves to caring for children. You work too hard. Have a wee sit down and a cup of tea.


Marcheline said...

Amen. My mom got exponentially cooler as she got older, too. And she's still going! Gardening for her now takes up 43 acres, plus seven bee hives. She's a nurse, and she sings in a choral group with the local orchestra. She ROCKS. Classically, of course... 8-)

ARUNA said...

wow that's an adorable click of ur mom.......and yeah moms deserve the best bcoz they r the best!

PurestGreen said...

My mom called earlier. My parents haven't seen this blog for months and months, but have just got high speed and looked it up again. I hadn't told my mom I had posted about her and it made her day, which makes me happy.

Marcheline - if my mother expands to 43 acres she will drive us all mad.

Welcome, Aruna, maker of many delicious cakes!