Monday, 18 May 2009

My hero!

As promised, here is the footage of my beloved hauling out tent out of a gulley during our recent camping trip to the far north of Scotland. My apologies for my dodgy camera work; I had scrambled to get the camera while sitting in the car, and I was leaning at an awkward angle, trying to catch the action. I shall relay the full story of just how the tent got into the gulley in future posts. Until then, enjoy!


Marcheline said...

OH YE GODS - how funny is THAT, I ask you???

I can't figure out what is funnier:

a) The fact that you are hanging out and playing with the video camera instead of helping him

b) The "kicking bird" dance he does a few seconds into the film

c) The fact that it looks like he's trying to capture and skin a large carp


Cheryl said...

All that so you could have a place to sleep that night. Definitely a hero! And he doesn't mind looking ridiculous on camera!

Dale said...


And to boot, the fact that this is supposed to be an item that keeps you out of the wet!

Janelle said...

oh you completely just made my day...christ that is SO FUNNY!!!! reasons why one shouldn;t go camping in remote northern scotland..or camping at all, in fact. thanks for sharing. shit its so funny! X

PurestGreen said...

In my own defense, we had slept in the car and I was not wearing any shoes when I caught sight of him heading for the tent. It was a matter of not filming and putting my shoes on, or recording the moment for for our memory files. What would you have done?

Janelle said...

oh filmed it...wellies on and all! completely...just classic! x

The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said...

Chickadee! That is a classic display of physical courage over the very elusive tent! This is hilarious! Glad they were not all over the place.

Angela Recada said...

Haha! He has much more patience than my dear Mr. C would have had!

I see you are a transplanted Canadian. I was born in Canada, too! Yea, Canada!

A Cuban In London said...

Forget the camera work, this was fun. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Renee said...

I have to tell you that you have left the best comment on my blog ever.

'All that make believe -- it is just too common.'

Don't be sad though, that is not our lives.

Thank you for the brilliant comment. I so live in the real that I really can't stand that people don't.

Love Renee xoxo