Sunday, 14 June 2009

June Raw food potluck

Another month, another raw food meetup. I am utterly addicted. Some of my photos didn't turn out, and I forgot to try to photograph the almond chocolate "mylk," which had been spiced with vanilla and cinnamon.

Below, wee sandwiches of cucumber and a seed pate, with what I believe are apricot seeds in the middle:
"Linguine" made from courgettes (aka zucchini in North America)
A salad of grated parsnips, sprouted lentils and raw sweetcorn (I forgot to photograph the red pepper sauce and the delightful little crackers that went on top)
Some spiced flax seed crackers (made in a dehydrator)
The works! Except my photo of the gazpacho soup that we had for starters didn't turn out.
And finally, strawberries with cashew cream and a crumble made from dates and walnuts. Oh, and a little raw carob/coconut butter magic heart on top. There was ice cream as well but I forgot to take a photo.


Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving such inspiring comments on my blog. :)

Ye, I had a boyfriend who was into the raw foodism and he was totally obsessed, it must catch you like this.

I also am a fan of your Scottish flavour blog. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

Marie S said...

This looks absolutely wonderful.
I love crumble, mouth is watering. Never had a raw food version.

Cheryl said...

Ever since I read your last post I've been craving to do the raw food thing as well. Yesterday instead of the usual groceries, I loaded up on fresh produce, cantalope, pineapple, rasberries, tomatoes, etc. I had a fresh food dinner - in stark contrast to the spam breakfast my mother brought over - and, needless to say, I didn't feel the groggy artery hardening effect I felt in the morning!

Tammie Lee said...

wow wow wow, yum yum yum!

Rikkij said...

Save me some strawberry and cashews! Thanks, ~rick

Marcheline said...

All of that looks pretty good, except I can't imagine eating artichoke seeds, or whatever that was in the dish in the first picture. The cucumber sammies looked pretty good, tho. 8-)

If I was gonna raw food it, I'd probably exist on salads, nuts, and fruits.

Hey, wait a second - what do raw foodies do for meat? Raw????

LDWatkins said...

That looks delicious! All of it! Are you using a particular recipe book or just winging it?????

Café Chick said...

The strawberry crumble looks delicious! I haven't come across cashew cream before.

Daniel Alejandro Romano said...

Now I am starving and it's your fault. Wanted to let you know.