Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Universe: Leave Her Alone

It's Tom Robbins' birthday today, but I don't care anymore. I'm raging. How can so many terrible things happen to one person, all at once?

If anybody has a moment today, take a minute to visit Renee. She needs any words of support she can get. And if you need an update:

1. Renee has stage 4 inflammatory breast Cancer

She has spent the last week or so rushing back and forth to the hospital because:

2. Her mother has been hospitalized with a lung infection
3. Her sister has been taken to hospital, numb on one side and now about to have surgery for a recently discovered brain tumour that the doctors think may be Cancer.
4. Her nephew is in hospital receiving blood transfusions. The doctors say it is gastric lymphoma.

All at once, like someone out there is tossing a tragedy salad just for her.

I'm so angry. I just want this all to stop for her. How is she supposed to get better? I imagine Cancer cells enjoy stress for breakfast. One of the drawbacks of blogging: you start to feel connected to people who you feel helpless to assist when they are in turmoil.


Rikkij said...

Sophia-thanks for telling me, I've been told by others to go to her blog and O haven't got there. will now. take care ~rick

ellen abbott said...

A woman I know has just been diagnosed with her fourth kind of cancer after beating the other three (one after the other). Actually, the doctors now think they caused this fourth one.

Some people just can't get a break.

Marie S said...

You are such a sweet sweet woman and this is so kind of you to do.
She could use the prayers. Whatever way you pray.
And "leave her alone" Universe!!!!
bless you Sophia!

Marcheline said...

I jogged over to her blog and left her a bit of virtual hugging. Thanks for letting us know she needed it.

Renee said...

Dear friend thank you so much for fighting with me here on this big big scary mess.

Your sincerity and your comments are full of love. I thank you.

Love Renee xoxo