Thursday, 12 November 2009

Still fat, but a little happier

Before I begin, note to self: Do not turn the kettle on to boil and then sit down on the couch. Over there, far, far away, the tea bag is in the mug and the water has finished boiling. You will have to get up off the couch to complete the whole tea-making process. This is unpleasant.

Moving on (tea now made - sigh).

How I am feeling today:

I have been working my ass off - literally. Not that I have much of an ass to begin with, since my gene pool has dealt me a wide, flat backside. However, a few weeks back I mentioned I had returned from Canada with a new determination to loose the extra weight I have carried around with me for almost my entire life.

Having launched myself into an intense exercise regime, I promptly hurt myself and ended up at the osteopath.

Since then I have mellowed out the routine and am building up slowly. I have also been to the massage therapist once and have another appointment on Saturday, to try and help sort out my lower back problems. The first session made a great improvement, so I’m hopeful that the next one will help me even further.

The punch line is I have now lost half a stone (aka seven pounds). And even though no one but JP has noticed any changes (if he’s lying, he’s really good at it and I am not about to force the truth from him on this occasion), it’s still a big deal to me because the most I have been able to loose in many, many years (before I got bored or discouraged and just quit) is four pounds. So hooray for me. Now I am almost as great as Jedi dog!

If you would like to help me celebrate, you can pop over to my Scotland for the Senses blog and help me find homes for some little pieces of Scotland DVDs. I am calling it a “pay it forward” giveaway, in which the entrants tell me who should get the gifts. Know any veteran organizations or someone with Scottish ancestry who gets a little homesick sometimes? Please give me a hand - maybe we can make someone smile.

I am off to watch something on my BBC Iplayer and dream of the porridge I’m going to make for my breakfast.


Travis Erwin said...

You really need better dreams than of porridge.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Porridge with salt...if you want to be really Scottish, and a bit sick.

Carol Anne Strange said...

Yay, well done, girl! Way leads to way. Hope you're enjoying the journey. x

Mummy Dearest said...

Oo... porridge and tea...

I too am trying to shake about 15 - 20 pounds! Just renewed the gym membership, and hoping for success over the winter months.

Good luck to us!

Sophia said...

I totally know what you mean about making the hot cuppas. I am now in the habit to stay by the mug, tea bag, and tea kettle until all is said and done. Mmmmmm, I love my hot cuppas! Scottish Blend has DEFINITELY become my favorite. Sad that it is getting more difficult to find online to buy!!!

On another note, congratulations to you on your success. Keep at it. I believe in you! You CAN do it! Hugs! :)

Michael said...

I see a traditional Chinese doctor. He always gives me shit when I complain about a lack of energy in the winter and how I need to exercise more. "Winter for gain weight," he says. "Sleep lots, eat good food, store energy for summer. Better for body."

I'm skeptical, but part of me thinks a yoga class might be better for me than all this damn running and food guilt.

Mmmm, porridge. With a spoonful of honey. Mmmm.

Jo said...

Congratulations on the loss of seven lbs. That is actually a lot of weight. Imagine seven sticks of better -- stuck to you body. Now it's all gone. You're my hero! :-)

You are NOT going to believe what my word verification is for this post. Holytea. Interesting!

Ruth said...

Hip hip hooray for you!

And thank you for participating in my How I Named My Blog December 1! said...

congrats on the weight loss..that is good and it will help your lower back. I know since I have gained weight my back hurts alot. I am trying to cut back and lose weight now too.
I'm sorry about your grandma being sick, hope she feels better soon..
Thanks for stopping by my blog.