Sunday, 13 December 2009

Some of the things I did today

-made 17 wee pots of sweet chilli jam

-made 11 wee pots of apple & cranberry chutney

-sampled said sweet chilli jam and chutney, along with the plumbrillo I made yesterday, with cream cheese, a nice sharp cheddar, and aged goats cheese

-listened to the same classical Christmas album about 20 times

-listed to Tony Bennett’s A Swingin’ Christmas twice


-finished three loads of laundry

-Googled my name, followed by the word "wants" and laughed at the things that came up: Sophia wants to be a painter / Sophia wants to be Germany's next top model / Sophia wants pacifier / Sophia wants to get high

-watched an old episode of Mock the Week. Cringed at Frankie Boyle's pedofile jokes.

-wrapped some prezzies

-put new flannel sheets on the skybed

-chatted to my ex about how we’re going to sort out our divorce in the New Year

-squirted grapefruit juice in my eye trying to gouge a segment out with a spoon

-emailed my friend in Norway


-texted my honey, who told me the outcome of X-factor (for I have no telly)

-read blogs but didn’t comment much (sorry!)

-was awed by these beautiful photos on A Wee Bit of Cooking’s site

-made my first “tweet cloud.” In three months of tweeting, the words I used most often were: Blog-cold-love-feeling-feel-sigh-thanks-post-please-beautiful-time-food-lovely-hope

-failed to proofread the magazine I am editing

And now I’m going to go to bed. Here are some photos of my parents’ dog, Hooch. He is lovely and so sweet. When they got him he already had the name. When I am there I like to pretend he’s a French Canadian dog and call him “Ooch.” He has never noticed the difference.


ellen abbott said...

I cleaned house interspersed with blog reading. I suppose I could break it down...dusted, spot cleaned, cleaned the entire bathroom, vacuumed, mopped the kitchen, did the dishes, oiled the secretary. Now I'm having a drink. OK, that sounds way more productive.

ellen abbott said...

And what is chili jam?

And Ooch looks a little long in the tooth.

Anonymous said...

Hooch! That luvable mut.
Today I did nothing, but right now I am eating cookies,
drinking coffee,
watching a movie called I spit on your grave,
commenting on your blog and editing a novel at the same time!
Yes ladies, men can multi-task!

Miranda said...

That is a very good game.
Miranda wants us to drink shit
Miranda wants me to stop also
Miranda wants Taylor NOW!

PurestGreen said...

Hi Ellen: Sweet chilli jam is full of excellent goodness. Made with red peppers, red chillies, cherry tomatoes, garlic, ginger, red wine vinegar, caster sugar. Cooked to death and then potted. Packs quite a punch.

Yes, lovely Ooch is getting older. But he can still act like a puppy sometimes.

John - I spit on your grave? That can't be an actually movie title.

Miranda - hilarious. That first one is a bit scary though.

Angela said...

Our dog Paco (who speaks Spanish, originally, because he was born in Madrid) also has black spots on his tongue, like Ooch. Ooch looks lovely. Have you tried to speak more French to him? Did he also not answer, like Paco?
I have ALSO made many jars of apple & cranberry chutney! Right now I am waiting for a phone call from my daughter if she got that job.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a perfect, lovely day. Sunday I made 360 cookies per hour for seven hours straight (a seasonal gig). Today, after a much needed run, I can do what I've been longing to do, paint all day. Yeah!

Zhoen said...

That dog's a charmer.

Julie said...

Miranda want to drink shit and Hooch looks like he has just eaten shit.

Hannah Miet said...

Such a cute dog.

Thanks for your thoughtful blog comments. It's always touching when people like you say such genuine things, rather than "here's my link!"

; )

Michael said...

Tony is the best. Must look for that record.

Laura Hegfield said...

loving the dirt on Ooch's tongue.

ruthie said...

i love this list of things you have done. You reminded me to put on my christmas songs today. The chilli jam sounds delicious.