Thursday, 14 January 2010

Change of scene

Off to Glasgow tomorrow to spend the weekend at JP's and I'm so looking forward to it. Because of the bad weather we weren't able to do much over the holidays and I suddenly feel like I haven't been out of Edinburgh for months. A new view, his comfy bed, and several hours watching Grand Designs: this is what I need.

Thanks for all your feedback on my "women in today's economy" dilemma. Funny, a girl at work announced today that she is expecting. Having just started in a new position last year, she has made the decision that women so often must make - to pause her career to make way for a family. As women, we are still so defined by our biology. Forget positive or negative - it just is. My colleague is nervous but glowing and happy, and this is the most important thing.

It has been a strange week. I feel distracted and very tired, with huge waves of sadness that take over me and make me think of a painter who lunges across the canvass with her brush, leaving a wake of colour. I am an arch of blue, my horseshoe ends weeping down the page.

The photo that tells the story is this one of rafters in B.C.'s Fraser Canyon. Look at the bottom right to see the one who has fallen from the raft and is paddling frantically to safety.


Rick said...

I'm feelin blue, too, Sophia. Take care. ~rick

Zhoen said...

Anytime is a good time to celebrate with friends.

One more thought on the children/career issue. Check out the life of Madeline Albright, (on wiki is an easy start.) Success really is a matter of imagination and a lot of energy, whatever the external circumstances.

Annotated Margins said...

I hope your trip to Glasgow cheers you up.

LDWatkins said...

Have a good trip and chill! When you are a bit depressed and uptight things don't look so bright and can present themselves in a different light. Next week will be better. 'Change' is a delicious word. A 'path' can be widened to accommodate more than one...doesn't have to be one way..can even be made a two way so you can go back and perhaps 'change' your course for everything but parenthood. That is a one direction trip. Do a likes and dislikes list of your life! Bet you have more likes.

Marcheline said...

I'm feeling the same way, but that is because today would have been my father's birthday, if he had bothered to stay alive long enough to celebrate it, and the 14th of next month is the anniversary of his sendoff into the Great Beyond.

So basically I would like nothing more than to curl up with a nice bottle of Scotch and Turner Classic Movies.

But instead, I have to go to work.

Prairie Girl Wanderer said...

Have a great weekend in Glasgow and enjoy the change in scenery. I am also preparing my escape to Glasgow on Sunday and on Monday I fly back across the Atlantic for a few weeks break (a much need one at that!!!) Never thought I would be so excited to leave Scotland (and this dreadful winter weather!).

Jayne said...

Did you decide a path or are you still at the crossroads?

You're welcome to come & have a chat to me about this whenever as I'm camped on the crossroads and have no clue as to where to go next.

Having thought about your blog post, I've realised everyone I know are in one camp or the other and have little understanding of what it's like to dither about this.

Carol Anne Strange said...

Enjoy some time out and I hope your trip restores your vitality. x

Sophia said...

I hope you had a fantastic trip. Do tell everything! :D hee hee Hugs!