Saturday, 9 January 2010

The random, the ridiculous and the red

In so many ways blogging is an extension of that fantastic childhood past-time of “show and tell.” So be warned: this post is sloshing waist deep in the quagmire of self indulgence.

First, the big freeze. I know this photo is making the circuit around the internet, but it’s just too good not to share. Thank you BBC for this satellite image of a very white Britain. Look mom! I live on an albino ink blot!

Next, some photos taken over the holidays. A piper in the snow, St. Mary’s Cathedral in the same storm, and a Mexican snowman.

Next, a couple of treats I received over the holidays from fellow bloggers.Non-working Monkey was asking folks to explain in 140 characters or less why they loved Non-working Monkey. Of course I misread it as 140 words and rambled on forever. Luckily a little gem snuck through and I won the prize with the following quotation, drawn from the murk of my brain and inspired by English Lucy living in French Canada.

“Non working monkey is what happens when je ne sais quoi humps the leg of quiet desperation.”

The prize was to be biscuits, which had me worried given the questionable reliability of the postal service over Christmas. But thanks to Etsy, I received a wee cream tea biscuit after all! I won’t try to eat it but I do plan on using the tea bag.

Then I received a wonderful surprise of handmade jewellery from Marie at Art from my heart. How gorgeous is this:

I also received a host of Christmas cards this year, which I strung above the fire place to add to the festive feeling.

But the holidays are over now, and I am deep into a big clearout of some of the clutter that takes up room in my flat. However while dropping off a load of stuff at the charity shop, I found the most beautiful chair in the universe:

I love this chair. I have yearned for a chair just like this for so long. A chair that says “I am a reading chair. Grab a book and have a sit down.” This chair is so comfortable, looks fantastic in my living room and best of all, it is just so RED.

That’s Shaun the Sheep trying out the new seat. Soon Shaun was joined by Dug the Dog, both of which were gifts from my glorious manboy. Shaun has been around for awhile and he no longer bleats when you press his nose, but you can still pull his tail to make him shudder. Dug talks when you press his paw (“My name is Dug. I have only just met you, and I love you”).

If you have managed to put up with me through the entirety of this post, I congratulate you. I cannot promise that I won’t behave in this manner in the future. Until then, happy times!


Reya Mellicker said...

I know you have yet to receive your prize from my T-day giveaway contest. Sorry I've been so slow!

Saw that pic of frozen Britain yesterday. God!! It's really cold in DC, too - our high temperature today will be well below freezing.

Bundle up and stay warm!!

Happyone :-) said...

Red is my favorite color so I love your chair too.

ellen abbott said...

I found a wonderful red loveseat and chair on Craig's List several months ago that I wanted so badly but just didn't have the $500 she was asking for them.

re-glaciation of Britain?

It finally crept above freezing here but will freeze again tonight. the upside is they are predicting a high of 60 for next week. If I only survive...

Zhoen said...

I could say it got down to 0˚F and up to 0˚C yesterday here. But I have a parka, well insulated apartment, and real heating system, used to it and prepared for it, in short. The South and Britain are mostly missing key parts of this, and that just sucks.

Shaun would shudder. Even on the red comfy chair.

Carol Anne Strange said...

That chair looks so warm and inviting. Great images! Hope you're managing to stay cosy and safe in the big freeze. x

Anonymous said...

bitchin' chair. the only thing that would probably make it better is a bit o' vibration, eh?

PurestGreen said...

I was thinking the only thing that would make it better would be a matching footstool. I must be getting old.

Dale said...

I will never ask you to behave any differently. Or at all :-)

lakeviewer said...

Oh it's white and frigid. Enjoy it, cause it will not last.

Lucy said...

Not only did I get through and thoroughly enjoy this post but I also had to have another good look through all those slurpacious cakes on the last one.

I love and concur with the idea of blogging being an extension of primary school 'show and tell' (- or even of 'I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours', the kind of extra-mural extension of the former).

My first thought was a footstool too. I hope the seat doesn't have any pee-stains on it - did I really say that?

Happy New Year!

LDWatkins said...

What a find! Love the red chair! That picture makes me colder than ever, but warmer temps are on the way. Enjoyed your post very much!

Marcheline said...

Truly a most excellent Red Chair. Would look fetching next to my Red Couch.

Word Verification: "sublogin"
Definition: I can't bring myself to make up a definition for such a boring word. Or perhaps it's what Susan does with her computer on a Sunday morning.

Rick said...

Sophia- enough with the snow pics! I'm freezin!! ~rick

Ruth said...

It was all wonderful, I was eager right up to the end. The photos of Britain (I've had my head in the sand apparently, because I didn't see it), the piper, the church, all so lovely. And especially the poor Mexican snow man!

That is one fine chair! What a happy reward for recycling your goods. I love red, and I'm glad it's comfortable, because it certainly is fashionable.

I'll give your regards to Floozie, who is quite the curious hen, as you can see. She'll say, "Purest Green? What's that? Huh? Let me see!"

Julie said...

I love that red chair too. I have decided that twenty ten is the year of e-bay for me. I have bought a sofa to go with my reading chair. When I have it and covered it or whatever, I will display it to the world. I am so pleased with this ready access to used stuff at used prices.