Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Germ-infused polka

I have THE COLD. I have mucus rivers and imploding skull and a singsong mind with ties to nothing, nothing at all. The sun blares in on me and the glare makes me wince but I won’t get up to close the curtains because I need the light. I think of it reacting with the green juice I drank this morning, a soupy sunshine collision that will sprout a garden in my guts and fill me with renewal. Later I’ll add some beetroot juice to the mix. It promises to turn my pee pink. Like an 80s revival for the bladder.

Craig has gone out to take the wrong bus. He is doing the thing I always tell myself I’m going to do, which is buy a day bus ticket and see where it takes me. Wrong bus adventures. On your left you will see one of the many housing estates featured in Ian Rankin novels. A little further down on your right you will see a chapel dedicated to a pious Greek beauty who tore out her own eyes with a thorn. Our final stop features a mountainous climb and an all-you-can-eat roast beef carvery. Welcome to Edinburgh.

Last night we watched The Fourth Kind and now I am afraid of aliens that can suck me through the ceiling and make me believe and not believe at the same time. I’m afraid it’s not an owl.

I have lost count of how many tissues I have used. I like this show called Dexter. I am convinced that these two people are speaking to each other in code:
More tea is required now. More tea and a short trip to take out the recycling. It is cold but I need to get the sun on me. I am convinced that this is all I need to start getting better. Just the sun. Maybe I’ll find a bench, close my eyes and absorb it all, until my body becomes a vitamin D factory and I feel like dancing. Yes, that’s the way.


Barry said...

I'm a great fan of Ian Rankin, what a great writer!

Wrong bus adventures sounds like a lot of fun. I should try it sometime.

My wife has a bad cold too and totally sympathizes with you! Hope you (and she) are feeling better soon.

Jayne said...

Oh, I did that, Edinburgh is a great place to try it as the buses work and go good places.

I ended up on the 13 and went to the Gallery of Modern Art then walked back along the river. Lovely day.

Hmm, perhaps should mention the day we ended up in Muirhouses at one end and Restalrig the other so maybe some basic knowledge of routes is preferable for good places to get off...once the wrong bus is caught.

Carol Anne Strange said...

I'm sure Edinburgh is in my soul as the mere mention sends me into nostalgia. It is, without doubt, my favourite city.

I have The Fourth Kind on my list. I believe it is based on a true story? Spooky!

Sending you bright wishes, dear one, for wellness and a speedy recovery. Bask in the sunlight! x

ellen abbott said...

Wrong bus adventures sound like fun on a day with no plans. sorry you are sick. Letting the sun burn it out sounds like a good idea, if only...

Happyone :-) said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling so good. Hope you're better real soon!
The bus ride sounds like fun.
I could use a bit of sunshine myself. We're having a blizzard as I write this.

Zhoen said...

We've gone on wrong train adventures in Boston, that was always interesting.

A pinch of cayenne pepper in my tea always made a sore throat feel better.

lakeviewer said...

Oh, poor you. I feel the misery. Yes, more vitamin D is good. Love your descriptions.

Anonymous said...

ah! get better, eat garlic, honey is a balm for sorry souls. i am excite for travels,and i will take as much pics as my iphone will alow! be well, love mo.

Marcheline said...

I have a feeling that where you live, taking the bus is still something a human being can do without losing all dignity.

Here, buses are so disgusting and dirty and full of crazies that ANY bus is the wrong one.

Word Verification: "contsp"
Definition: The inability to say shit.

LDWatkins said...

Oh, that sounds like fun! I do hope you are feeling better.

Michael said...

What a wonderful cold. You should get sick more often ... or maybe just write about it. (get well if you aren't already)

Angie said...

Just wish I could sent you some sunshine. Have enjoyed reading your blog - went back to Christmas. Hope you feel better soon, garlic soup is good but you may have to stay away from kissing!