Sunday, 15 June 2014

Two years on...greetings from B.C.

I am slow. Very, very slow. It can take me a long time to start to feel settled in a place, so it should be no surprise that two years after moving back to Canada, I am finally able to occasionally peek out of my shell. Not that I'm not busy, but huge life adjustments can cause long-term creative hiccups for those of us who shimmy at a snail's pace.

The Scotsman and I have settled in the South Okanagan. A year ago, in a fit of missing my friends at the Edinburgh Cake Ladies, I decided to start my own baking club. It's much smaller than Edinburgh, but just as fun.

Should I resurrect this blog, or leave it as a closed chapter and start afresh? I don't know. For now I will enjoy catching up with some of my favourite blogs - all the characters and storytellers that I have so missed.

Canada has been good to us in the past two years. We recently rented a wee house, and I will leave you with our magnificent view.


Notes From ABroad said...

PLEASE Resurrect the blog ! : )
I saved it on my list, hoping you would come back to it. I am just as interested in your adventures in BC as in Scotland .. please do post more ..

We moved back to the US after 7 years in Argentina. It was a big adjustment then something horrible happened and it has been an even bigger adjustment. So it is good for me to read about others going through their own life adjustments.

besos, C

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Marie S said...

Hope you are well and adjusted.
Just started back up my self.
Hi from California

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