Monday, 13 March 2006

Culinary exploits exposed

A day off. My desire to create something unforgettable yet healthy ended with piles of lentil mush that refused to cook into "burgers." My roasted sweet potatoes and regular potatoes were lovely as usual, thanks to lashings of olive oil and an hour's roasting time. Still - stupid lentils. I danced and pulled ghastly faces as I chopped two huge onions, my poor eyes burning. I pierced a carrot, sliced it down its belly. Peeled and smashed three garlic cloves. Diced celery. All for nothing.
Thank goddess there were store-bought perfiteroles for dessert. We stabbed them with forks and then afterward I scooped up what was left of the chocolate.
I'm reading a book about the history of Scotland and was so enthralled about the Neolithic period, but now that the Romans are coming, I seem to be losing the thread. Prodigal Summer is sitting on my shelf and is starting to look very tempting...
That's it really. I'm utterly boring. Things that happened today: I got my hair cut for the first time in a year. The tiny hairdresser had wicked sharp fingers and showed my scalp no mercy. Then I went to the Cancer UK thrift store and fought my desire to buy a strange twisted jug that was painted with ancient Greek characters. (I could fill it with oil, I thought)
Early afternoon was the best time. Quality time on the couch. The moral of the story (and there isn't one really because I hate morals - they're so messy)-
Yes, yes, always yes.


your new best friend said...

you are only boring if u say u are. and u, my dear, are not.
i know all about your checkered pasty..

your new best friend said...

i meant to say "past" hahah LOL
pasty works.

PurestGreen said...

Could I have a checkered pastry, too? Something with blueberries inside.

norah said...

Go back and buy the Jug!

God, those Greek figures - so hot,
all that homoerotic