Tuesday, 14 March 2006

I wonder if Leonard

I wonder if Leonard could find the words for the white that washed the sky today. The castle looked so bland, I could have defeated it, easily. The clouds like a lid of communist ooze. Holding back proper shadows so everything was scrubbed in grey and beige. Give me something sharp! I want a flick of blue and a spike of yellow to cut across the cannons - give their old black paint some gleam. I want dangerous history! Red stones tell more stories.


norah said...

I hate those kind of skies.
Today is so bright my eyes hurt.
I love it.
Even though it is freezing too.

your new best friend said...

i thought those skies always looked like the underside of a cheap quilt.
i have seen the undersides of too many cheap quilts.

PurestGreen said...

K - Really? You could twist that into quite a tale, you know.

kryce said...

oh, you silly ho's. silly silly silly ho's. ho ho ho's. i think i'm channeling Ludacris!

your new best friend said...

k-pet - don't make me bitch slap your ass.

your new best friend said...