Wednesday, 24 May 2006

elastic gloaming

The darkness comes on so slowly it is like night is too lazy to fall. My mom made $678 at the farmer's market. The grass in our square of lawn is like a homage to the dandelion. They have all gone white now and are waiting for the wind to kiss or kill them, split up the offspring. Every gust could be goodbye.
I am listening to Arabic Chillout. It is one way I try to quench my strange fascination with the desert. That is not to say it is any more fascinating that watching a sudden rain storm struggle to rush through the maze of cobblestones on the Royal Mile. Just that one feels yellow/orange/rust/red and the other feels grey/black/silver/blue.


your new best friend said...

holy vegetation-sales batman! i only ever made 200 at the very most. guess i should have been growing azaleas instead of peyote stitching!
i still don't have a passport. but i do have a passport to education. remember those? are they still valid? i think they gave me like 435 dollars for my post-secondary studies.

norah said...

totally still valid.
you can cash that sucker in for either:

1. 20 hours of Bluegrass Guitar lessons.
2. A year's worth of kool-aid.
3. Gordon Campbell's home address and house keys.

What would you choose?

norah said...

ps. what "BC product" is
yo Mama selling?
and can she get me some out here?

PurestGreen said...

And can she ship overseas?

your new best friend said...

sweetened, unsweetened or jim jones koolaid?