Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Two grand wishes

I wish I could know what lavender and lemons smell like together. Right now. I'm too impatient to go foraging.
On the train to and from work I read about a Buddhist Nun who lived alone in a cave for 12 years. In the evenings I read about birds. I wish for my subconcious to mingle the two in a most fantastic dream.



your new best friend said...

yesterday i got really dizzy, then i forced myself to throw up (thinking that would cure the dizziness. i am not bulimic...i don't think), then i went to sleep and had zero dreams.
i am reading about vampires, since i live my life with a milk vampire.

kryce said...

milk vampires are the worst.
why are you foraging for lemons?
who would ever forage for lemons?
lemon lovers i suppose.

norah said...

i will squeeze lemons onto my lavender flowers and send the smell to you over the internet.

that can be done, right?

i think what you are dreaming about are the Kung-Fu Buddhist monks of the Shaolin Temple.

killer documentary about them called:
Kung-Fu Monks in America.

I am so not kidding.

kryce said...

robert plant squeezed a lemon.
robert johnson too!
i wonder what they meant?
lemons are balls