Friday, 9 June 2006

Why I loved today

I loved today because the mist rolled in. It was a moving white tingling mass, like God finger painting with spirits. I could feel the smallest points of moisture touching me, and then I watched a clear valley form in a dramatic swoop over one of the old churches, like a huge invisble thumb had pushed down into the mix. On the train on the way home I saw, for just a moment, far away in a distant field, a pony, which was the colour of honey. This morning, also on the train, I stood and tried to read and wished please please please for the woman next to me to stop filing her nails because it was a torturous sound. The bird book traveled with me, and, as predicted, has sustained some damage to the soft cover.
Scottish Women. When they get fat, they grow the most delicious round bellies, jiggling Buddha bowls with soft cavernous navels, small round shadows that hover under their shirts. They wear their soft love handles like fashion accessories, with bright fabric curved over yielding flesh. One such woman walked past me today, thin brazen pinkpurple shirt (a sieve for the cold wind), little glittering beads diving in a V to her cleavage.
That's it really. I'm terribly enthusiastic about the squishy bliss bellies of Scottish women. And also I learned from yesterday's post that trying to hurry is useless. Because it's Tunisia, not Tanzania. I think I should just avoid sports altogether.
Finally, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah has arrived, along with its sister mix. Thank you N! I have listed to CYHSY and thought of David Byrne during his Talking Heads days and also Dan Bern of his balls as big as small dogs days.
Speaking of burn, the mist is expected to burn off tonight and tomorrow the sky will wash with blue. It will be hot, and I will be uncomfortable. But that's ok, because today was good. I loved today. Really.


your new best friend said...

he's got big balls. she's got big balls. but i've got the biggest balls of them all

norah said...

glad you got the tunz.

i think the godheadness/ess
was pretty lazy and does a lot of paint by number.

oh balls.

chicken balls,
rum balls,
coconut-date balls.

norah said...

ps call me somtime, hey?

kryce said...

check out the band Spoon and their album Gimme Fiction.
so speaks the savory zucchini.