Thursday, 8 June 2006

Learning to love the shit bombers

I have little time because Andrew wants to go to bed so I have to write fast. Maybe this will help because most of the time I just sit here and there are no words. My mind just turns into a big blank.
Today I saw on the train a shopping bag - one of those hard cardboard fancy gift box ones. The bag said "essential luxuries."
I've had my first Tai chi class and I can do the first three moves. It is in the Lee style. And on Saturday I will have kundalini yoga for three hours. And the world cup is starting tomorrow so it will be nothing but football in this house for a month. At work we all put in £5 and drew teams and I got Germany and Tanzinia. I bought a book today on Buddhist teachings. I'm so afraid of hurting my bird book that I don't take it on the train.
Everyday when I walk under the train bridge I look to see if the pigeon chicks have hatched. These are the same pigeons I fear will shit on me. And yet... I am so joyful that there may be more of them - tiny shit-bomb making miracles.


your new best friend said...

that book made me more observant of my natural surroundings too. i am glad u cherish it.
i am learning to love my shit-bomber too

PurestGreen said...

And from the sounds of it, what an adorable shit bomber she is.
Re: book. I love the way he describes the young man's swagger when he walks into the diner to flirt with the waitress. Now I'm at the point where he's gone through the bad apples and thrown them to the robins.

your new best friend said...

there is a sad part coming up.

PurestGreen said...

Is the sad part about the old robin that is all scruffy and kind of blind and then one day he isn't there anymore? Is there a worse sad part (she asks, holding her breath, hoping she'll say no)?

kryce said...

the ladies on this site have potty mouths.

the proper term is "poo"