Thursday, 25 January 2007

Burns Night

We have this night attempted in our own gluttonous way to honour the revered Rabbie Burns. I did steam the haggis as instructed by the wee tag that had been attached to it by the fine folks at Marks and Spencers. I boiled the life out of some tatties (spuds) and then Andrew smashed them. Alas when I arrived at the Tesco earlier this evening the neep (turnip) baskets were empty. So we had haggis, butternut squash and tatties instead. With salad, of course.

You powers who make
mankind your care
And dish them out their
Old Scotland wants no
watery food
That splashes in dishes
But if you wish her grateful
Give her a haggis!


kryce said...

just because you live in scotland doesn't mean you must eat haggis.

i live in canada and i have yet to build an igloo and kill a buffalo.

but given the chance...that buffalo is dead.

it's in my genes. i must kill bison.

your new best friend said...

haha! today i saw mrs. bolton...
...i guess i really do not need to say more. but i will because she is a massive bob.
she asked where sonya was (pronounced SOe-n-ya)? i said in "eden-burr" look i was tired and grouchy i knew i massacred the word...but the bob says.."eden-burr?! do u mean, eddin-burrah?"

PurestGreen said...

But I like haggis. And what's a "bob"? What does it mean when someone is a bob? Is this a new word that has been invented since I have been gone? I'm so lost. It is Edin-bur-a, but when you're tired it doesn't matter - it does take effort to squeeze out that end vowel.

kryce said...

bob stands for Bitchy Old Bitch.
haggis stands for Hurry And Get Grub In Stomach.